Bevel Headstones

Bevel headstones lay flat to the ground with a polished face on the top, the back edge raised higher than the front edge. Common type of bevel markers are rectangle in shape with natural rock pitched edges. Unique memorials like oval shape can be created by choosing special cut designs.


Most cemeteries regulate the size, finish, color and sometimes design engraved on the tombstones. Usually bevel gravestones are using along with large family estate. However depending on the cemetery, bevel markers can be placed as stand alone markers as well. Bevel markers are set on a concrete foundation.


Usually single markers are 20 to 36 inches long and 10 to 18 inches wide. Double markers are 24 to 60 inches long and 12 to 20 inches wide. 8" bevel markers are recommended, however 6" bevels can be used as well.


Other Names: Pillow Markers, Hickey Markers, Bevel Markers

24"x12"x6" Red Granite Bevel Headstones