Custom Unique Headstones for Your Loved Ones

Are you tired of looking at generic artwork for granite headstones when working with a headstone company? Are you getting frustrated that the granite headstone or memorial that you want to create for your loved one cannot be made because the manufacturer does not know how to do their own drawings? Don’t worry you’re not alone in the search to create that unique headstones for your lost loved one.

Here are ONE Headstone Company we have our very own headstone artist that will sit down with you and work with you to make that perfect custom memorial. With the many ways of sandblasting and laser etching headstones almost anything you image can be made and put on to customize your loved ones headstone.

Do keep in mind that there are some best practices we do have to follow when engraving so some design modifications will be needed to ensure the finished headstone will look as good as it can. Also remember any headstone designs that require laser etching can only be done on black granite.

Please do understand that not all headstone designs can be finished quickly so our designer will email you a proof usually within 24 hours of your meeting if it is a complex headstone design. Also if you are a graphic designer please realize that due to the nature of sandblasting granite your design may need to be modified to ensure the final product on the headstone looks as good as possible.

Buying Granite Headstones from ONE Headstone Company

The headstone should be your last purchase when burying your loved one. Never get manipulated during your time of grief in purchasing a headstone as part of the “Burial Package”.

Take the time after the burial to think of your loved one and what the next generation will be viewing. The thoughts and images you place on the stone will be there for a long time and we at ONE Headstone Company can design the headstone to reflect everything that the person is about.

Our ability as artist and our knowledge of the stone cutting industry will be able to help you with cost alternatives when designing this commemorative marker. We at ONE Headstone DO NOT charge for design, and we consider it an honor to create unusual and compelling works of art on stone for your loved ones.

Of course we have guidelines on space, size and text and we do our best to get you close to your choices. Our lead time with families in creating the layout can be as little as 2 hours to 2 days. Most cemeteries and mortuaries that sell you a marker cannot do the layout as you sit with the counselor and your choices for custom work are limited. Most counselors just want you to make the purchase and then the waiting game begins.

Families complain about the 7 to 8 week lead times for drawings to get approved and to make the desired changes that they want. They usually give in and settle for less. We will have your drawings completed as fast as you and your family members can make decisions and e-mail back all your requested changes to us.

We guarantee you satisfaction, ease of purchase and a friendly knowledgeable conversation. We hope you entrust us to be your headstone manufacturer, if not it was our pleasure to help you.

Farsi Language on a Granite Headstone or Monument

We are constantly asked to write foreign characters or poems on a granite headstone or monument when memorializing a loved ones headstone. This is something which we are capable of doing if the correct file is created in the native language.

Today on the internet there are numerous aids in creating this work with the help of the family. We at ONE Headstone Company have a keyboard specifically for Farsi (Persian). We walk the family through the process and in as little as 1 hour the family can type and save the document for us to manipulate and place in our PLT file for engraving.

Farsi is a very artistic form of writing and creates a beautiful mysterious look on one’s memorial tablet. Families appreciate that we can do this for them and this adds that special touch to the unique monument that we create alongside the family. This allows the family the feeling of personalization and sets the stone apart from others.

This process involves the family and because we at ONE Headstone do not speak the language we leave it up to you the creator to do all the proofing needed. Symbols and spacing is done by the creator and once completed we finalize the drawing for your final approval.

If you have a special project that requires FARSI engraving please contact ONE Headstone Company. We would be honored to help you through.

ONE Headstone Company Offer Free Porcelain Portraits on All Orders

2018 just started and families are started to complete their new year’s resolution which includes the marking of a headstone or purchasing a grave monument, a granite flat marker or a Bronze cast memorial.

In either case the monument or memorial should reflect your loved ones personality, his passion or faith. Engraving can be custom and be a true reflection of the person.

At ONE Headstone Company we take extra time in this creation first by selecting the design of the granite marker, the engraving fonts that we offer are unmatched in the headstone industry. We then create unique Religious, Floral or wild life designs depicting the person’s passion. Deep engraving or standard cut depending on your need is our expertise.

We help you decide on the best color of granite to use with your selected design, especially if you are using a porcelain portrait. We manufacture our complete line of porcelain fired cameos in China. The colors in the photo may clash with your granite color choice so we would suggest an alternative color that compliments your picture. Our input is based on years of working with granite, Bronze and Porcelain colors.

It is important to have all the design and color blend for a lasting memorial marker that will stand out from the rest.

Once you are ready to start your memorial give us a call and we promise to make this difficult decision a memorable experience with you working alongside our designer it becomes your work of art.

How to Choose a Retailer for Your Headstone Purchase

When considering a headstone purchase for your loved one the first person or retailer that you will contact will be the funeral home counselor. This of course will be a decision you must make under a very stressful time.

The best decision for you will be to shop it around for best cost and best design. Headstones made from granite will be your best cost option, it also lends itself to many designs and options for porcelain photos, colorization, text/fonts and can be a profound experience to build the stone with your family sitting next to you and the designer.

Almost all mortuaries and headstone retailers do not have a designer on site, they generally contract with a stone manufacturer and can only be at best cookie-cutter creative and offer very few changes to design and normally have extensive turn around times. This back and forth process with yourself the counselor and the designer located miles apart can take its toll on the family. Usually families settle for less or must endure cost increases for any changes. Typical lead times to completion will include this shuffle back and forth plus 4-5 weeks manufacturing time.

We at ONE Headstone Company offer full sit down design from start to finish in as little as 2 hours, eliminating the shuffle. Once you sit with the designer come prepared with ideas, photographs and wording about the person you are creating this lasting headstone for. We begin with Granite choices, price options, Porcelain color photograph size options and creative designs to compliment the stone. We offer you the ability to create Farsi, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages as we sit with your family in front of our foreign keyboard.

How to Start a Headstone Company

If you have previous experience as a stone cutter or working for a headstone company, you may consider starting your own custom grave marker company. A considered evaluation of the market, the prices and reputation of your competitors and the cost of setting up fabrication facilities will help you determine if this is the best career path for you.

  1. Determine the size and scope of your planned new business. Some headstone or tombstone companies make headstones only. Others make headstones as part of other granite-cutting business activities. Granite is used for headstones, plaques, civic markers, countertops and floors. A careful analysis of your projected business will help to determine the size of the office, work studio and display lot your headstone enterprise will require. Decide on your warranty policy. Granite markers are meant to withstand the elements and the test of time. Include provisions for warranty and customer satisfaction in your business plan.
  2. Select a name for your business. Choose a name that is easy to remember and clearly identifies your venture, like ONE Headstone. Contact your state corporation commission to determine if the name is available.
  3. Seek advice from your attorney or tax adviser on how to construct the organizational structure of your new business. You may elect to be a sole proprietor, a partnership or a corporation. If you desire to form a corporation, contact your state corporation commission to obtain an application. Registration fees vary from state to state.
  4. Do market research. Determine how large the demand is for headstones in your market. Determine what your competitors are offering and at what prices. You may want to hire a market research firm to help with this step.
  5. Prepare a business plan. The plan should be detailed and complete. Include a list of all assets and projected startup and operating costs. Include insurance, cutting equipment, granite slab inventory, brass inventory, delivery trucks, rent, utilities, marketing, payroll, supplies and debt service. Visit the United States Small Business Administration website to obtain a sample business plan, small-business startup guidelines, and helpful links and references. A business plan will be required for loan applications to obtain startup capital.
  6. Join the Monument Builders of North America (MBNA). Membership indicates your participation in the ethics and standards of the industry. Visit its website for an application, information on workshops and conventions, and helpful industry forecasts and updates.
  7. Contact the Internal Revenue Service to obtain an Employer Identification Number. This number will be required on all tax returns, payroll processing and bank accounts. Contact your state department of revenue to obtain a state tax number. You will also need a state sales tax number for reporting retail sales and sales tax collection.
  8. Contact your state department of licensing to obtain a business license. Your custom monument company may also require a city business license or permit.
  9. Follow you business plan in setting up your cutting operation, hiring employees and promoting your headstone company.

How to Start a Headstone Business

You can help families commemorate the life of a loved one by creating beautiful headstones. A headstone business is perfect for the person who is creative and empathetic to other people. Those who are grieving need someone who is kindhearted to help them choose the perfect memorial for the person they are burying. With the proper equipment, engraving headstones is much simpler than you might think.

  1. Learn the fine art of engraving. Take classes that specifically teach how to engrave granite. You can find local classes online, or you could study under another headstone engraver willing to mentor you. Once you’ve learned the basics, practice as much as possible on your own until you’ve perfected your skills.
  2. Locate granite suppliers. Memorial marker businesses utilize much more granite than the typical consumer might purchase. Contact local stone quarries to find out which ones have the lowest prices. You could also use a supplier directory such as Slab Market or Graniteland to locate suppliers around the country and compare prices. Importing Granite headstones from Chinese largest monument supplier ONE Headstone is also a popular choice for most headstone business wholesalers. And don’t forget to add in delivery charges to the overall cost.
  3. Find an office location in the area you would like to supply with headstones. If you can locate an office near the funeral home or cemetery, that would be ideal. However, any location that is easily accessible will work. Seek a building that has a small front yard where you can display some sample headstones for those driving past to see your work. You also want a workshop area that is separate from your front office area.
  4. Purchase equipment. In addition to granite slabs, you will need to purchase a Hoyer lift to move the stones around in your workshop and also onto your delivery truck. To shape the stones, you need a stone cutter for shaping and sandblasting machine for smoothing rough edges. You will also need an engraving machine. Most modern engraving machines are laser and controlled by a computer program. However, a few headstone businesses are still engraved by hand. This is not the most efficient way to create tombstones.
  5. Lay out your workshop so that the lift can take the granite piece from the first stage to the last in an orderly fashion. Be sure there is enough room for several people to move around the shop at one time during the busiest work days.
  6. Acquire business permits. Contact your secretary of state for a business permit. This will allow you to collect taxes. Also, your local health department may require an inspection since you will have a workshop area with equipment and dust particles released into the air during the engraving process. It is a good idea to contact them for a pre-inspection to avoid later having to make major, and costly adjustments.
  7. Plan your grand opening. Plan a small party with local entertainment, snacks and samples of your work. Invite funeral home directors and cemetery managers to introduce your services. These are the people most customers will contact first and they can refer business to you, so you will want to develop a good relationship with them. Send news releases to local media and try to secure interviews to get the word out that you are open for business. Put granite tombstones in front of your building to show off your work.


Add headstone cleaning and restoration to your services to increase your potential income.

A newer trend in headstones is photographs of the deceased loved one etched into the tombstone with a laser.


Pay close attention to detail and make sure the information, spelling and dates are written down and engraved carefully.

Helping you to create a lasting granite memorial

For centuries, people have created granite memorials to remember their loved ones. A granite memorial provides us with a focus for our personal memories – a place to visit, lay flowers and reflect on happy times. This brochure takes you through the different options for burial and cremation memorials to help you choose the most appropriate memorial for your loved one. Our experienced craftsmen design and prepare memorials ensuring the highest quality in their finished work. The skill of our stonemasons isn’t limited to what you see in this brochure. If there is a memorial that you’d like, which isn’t featured, we will be happy to check if our masons can produce it for you.

Designs and Inscriptions
If you choose a design for a granite memorial, the size and position of the design, as well as the size of the granite memorial, will determine the number of inscriptions that can be engraved. Our lettercutters will decide upon the best position for a design and inscription, unless you choose otherwise. For new memorials, we’ll show you what this looks like.

There are many regulations governing the type of granite memorials that can be erected in a churchyard or cemetery. For example, in some areas you cannot have kerbing around the grave space,and in churchyards, marble, ‘open books’, crosses and gilded letters are not usually permitted. The size of a memorial is generally governed by the appropriate burial authority. Please allow us to check these regulations for you before you make your final choice.

Trade Descriptions Act
As the materials are natural stone, the colour can vary slightly from those shown. Every effort is made to select only the best materials of monumental quality.

For prices, please refer to the price list found in this brochure.

Additional Inscriptions and Memorial Cleaning
We can add additional inscriptions to existing memorials and we also offer a cleaning service. Please ask for further information about these services.

All the inscriptions featured throughout this brochure are fictitious and for photographic purposes only.

Laser Etched Grave Marker Are the Right Choice for Your Family

Granite grave markers create a tangible memorial that honors the life of your loved one and gives the family a place to join together in their grief and celebration of their loved one’s life. The most important thing to know about laser etched grave markers is that they offer a more affordable option with a much shorter production time than most custom markers. Before the advent of laser etching technology, memorials were an expensive and time-consuming option, with production times of up to eight weeks.


Done on black granite, laser etching creates a bold and striking contrast of black and white and is the perfect way to add a portrait or other image of your loved one. The laser etching is precise, creating a finished product with a sharp appearance that is easy to read and can come with stylish accents and other flourishes that allow the personality of the deceased to be recognized and celebrated. The granite markers can be in-ground or raised and are all created with black granite.

One of the many reasons that people choose this option is that production time is much shorter than other methods, allowing the family to have a place to gather and remember their lost one almost immediately after their passing. Laser etching is also a reasonably priced choice that allows for full customization of the granite memorial stones.


The etching technology that is used for grave markers allows you to create a monument that fully reflects the life of your loved one. Photographs, poetry, and biographical information can all be included on the marker according to your wishes. The custom nature of the etching creates a memorial that is often more a celebration of their life, rather than the marking of their death. Our in-house design team will work with you to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want and is an appropriate memory of the life of your loved one.

Custom laser etched grave markers, created with the latest technology, offer an affordable and personal way to remember the life of a deceased loved one.

ONE Headstone provides top quality grave markers with your personalized message laser etched into the black granite. Our in-house design team will work with you to create a beautiful reminder of your loved one.

Custom Grave Markers Can Leave a Lasting Impact

Going through the loss of someone who you love and respect can be an extremely somber and traumatic experience. While death is natural and reaches us all eventually, it can still be hard to move on after losing someone who matters to you. However, one of the best ways to honor them is to keep their memories alive. One of the ways to do this is by choosing personalized custom grave markers.


Finding the perfect headstone is the first step. There are many companies who offer a wide selection of gravestones. You will want to consider the material of the stone, along with the size, shape, color, and appearance. Custom made a headstone that also pays respect to your loved one is also important. It may take some time to research different companies and find the perfect grave marker for the deceased.


If you aren’t sure what kind of design you are looking for, an Internet search might be a good starting place. You’ll be able to see various custom headstone designs and consider companies who offer the styles you prefer. For those who don’t have a unique design idea, you can also choose a pre-made design to add some extra personality to the custom memorial. You can always alter certain aspects to make it new.


While you will want to include the name of the deceases, their birth date and their date or death, you can add other things that speak to that person’s personality and style while they were living. Someone who is very religious might appreciate having a cross or star of David on their grave. Someone who loves animals or plants could have their favorite placed on the custom grave marker to memorialize that aspect of them for years into the future.


While you may find many innovative and beautiful headstones that fit your needs, make sure to consider the cost. It can be tempted to go over the budget for a custom made headstone, but often that isn’t required. If you can’t find an option you like at a price you can afford, ask your favorite company about other options you can utilize.


At ONE Headstone, we work to ensure your loved one is represented the way you want on their headstone. If you would like to see some of our designs, visit us at