1. What do I have to know before ordering?

Before ordering, it is best to contact the cemetery where the memorial will be placed. You will want to be sure they accept the memorial we carry. We are more than happy to assist you in contacting the cemetery on behalf of you and talk to them to make sure the memorial that you choose would be acceptable.


There are some cemeteries and funeral homes which sell the same markers for a higher cost and discourage people from buying from an outside vendor, by law you as a customer can buy from any outside vendors.


2. Will the cemetery accept a marker from an outside source?

You have the right to purchase a marker from any source that you choose. Our markers are made by the same manufacturers that supply cemeteries and funeral homes across the country. The cemetery may tell you that they will only accept a marker if it complies with certain quality standards or material specifications, in an attempt to discourage you from purchasing a marker elsewhere. Please know that our markers comply with the industry standards subscribe to by all major cemeteries throughout the country. If a cemetery claims they have a regulation that requires you to purchase the marker only from them, have them show it to you in writing in their by-laws.


3. How do I have the marker / memorials installed?

ONEheadstone.com does not provide installation services, as the installation of the marker is normally performed by the cemetery personnel. If this is a smaller or more rural cemetery, there may not be an office or a grounds crew on site. In these cases, the installation may be contracted out to a third party, such as a local monument company. Either the cemetery office (if there is one) or a local funeral home would be able to tell you who perform the installations for the cemetery, and how much they will charge you. Whether the installation is performed by the cemetery or an outside party, any installation fees and any required documents must be signed locally before the delivery of the marker.


4. Do I have to pay any fees at the cemetery?

Most cemeteries will charge you to install the marker (whether you purchase it from them or an outside source). The average is about $100. to $150., but this fee varies significantly in different parts of the country. The cemetery will usually require that the fee be paid (and any required documents be signed, such as a setting authorization), before they will accept the marker. In fact, many cemeteries will send a marker back if the fees are not on file, requiring redelivery at a later date. To avoid any additional shipping fees, make sure you have taken care of the cemetery in advance of the marker’s completion.


5. Who is responsible if the marker gets damaged by the cemetery equipment?

Many cemeteries will tell you that they are not responsible for damage to a gravestone if you purchased it from someone other than the cemetery. This is a commonly used scare tactic used to discourage people from purchasing a gravestone elsewhere. The reality is that if the cemetery has an endowment care fund (almost all do), the fund is there to provide general upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery, including repairing gravestones damaged by their equipment. Since every cemetery is different, the only way that you can be certain of their policies is to obtain and read a copy of the cemetery’s by-laws.


6. What if my memorial is damaged upon delivery?

Cemetery memorials damaged en route from our location to its destination can be returned and replaced as it was originally ordered. Once delivered in good condition and signed for, however, we are not responsible for any damage that may be done by the cemetery or anyone you have set the memorial. We may require that a photo be sent to us showing the damage or error before we accept a return of a memorial. Please call us or e-mail us immediately if you encounter a problem upon delivery. We will replace damaged memorials with the same memorial originally ordered.


7. Why is your price so affordable?

We have our own quarries and factories. This offers us the ability to provide superior products and services at affordable prices. When you deal with us, you deal with the Quarry Direct.


8. What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money gram, etc.


9. Why are there no prices shown for parts of the headstones?

We make our memorials and headstones one at a time so we can make any design in different sizes, different granite colors or with any changes you would like. Design decisions will affect price, so it is difficult to list all prices online.  We have granite monuments to fit any cost range. Please email or call us and we will be glad to provide pricing estimates so we can get you started in a direction to find the most beautiful memorial design that best fits your needs.


10. What is your guarantee?

We certify that the headstone you purchase is made from the best quality granite materials. We guarantee your memorial will be made to the specifications you approved. Should there be an error on our part, we will replace your headstone at no cost to you. Besides, all our headstones are covered by Lifetime Quality Guarantee.


11. Can I be a reseller of your products?

Yes, sure. We supply both low priced and high end granite monuments in a wide variety of colors to resellers such as cemetery management companies, funeral homes and other monument dealers at discounted prices. When we sell granite monuments to other companies and organizations, we offer a substantial discount.


12. How is a second name and date added to a marker later on?

The additional date inscription will be added by a local monument company, which will perform the engraving on site with portable equipment. The cemetery or a local funeral home would be able to refer you to whoever provides this service in your area. Costs vary geographically, with $75. to $100. being common for the additional of a last date. Adding additional information (such as a second name or other inscription) will cost more.


13. What is a FREE PREVIEW?

A free preview is a computer simulation of what the final headstone would look like. We will provide 1 free preview prior to receiving a deposit on the order. Once a deposit is received we can do additional previews at no additional charge up to 3 free previews (total) for headstones. Additional previews are available for an added fee, quoted per job.


14. What colors of granite can a photo be etched on?

We only etch photos on black granite. If you would like a photo placed on another color, we would do an inlay. An inlay is where a black granite has the photo etched onto it. We then cut a hole in the headstone and attach the plate with the photo. The price of Inlays may vary with size.