Headstone Poems


Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there, I do not sleep

I am a 1,000 winds that blow

I am the diamond glints on snow

I am the sun on ripened grain

I am the gentle autumn rain

When you awaken in the morning's hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled light

I am the soft star that shines at night

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there; I did not die.




"I'll lend you for a little time a

child of Mine" He said.

"For you to love the while he lives

and mourn for when he's dead.

It may be six or seven year or

twenty-two or three

But will you, till I call him back

take care of him for me?

He'll bring his charms to gladden

you and should his stay be brief,

You'll have his lovely memories

as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise he will stay

since all from Earth return, but

there are lessons taught down

there I want the child to learn.

I've looked this wide world over

in my search for teacher's true and

from the throngs that crowd life's lanes,

I have selected you; now will you give

him all your love, Nor hate Me when

I come to call and take him back again?

I fancied that I heard them say,

"Dear Lord, They will be done,

for all the joy Thy child shall bring,

for the risk of grief we'll run.

We'll shelter him with tenderness,

we'll love him while we may,

and for the happiness we've known,

forever grateful we will stay.

But should the angels call for him

much sooner than we planned,

We'll brave the bitter grief that comes

and try to understand."





If Tears Could Build A Stairway


If tears could build a stairway

and memories were a lane,

We would walk right up to Heaven,

and bring you home again.

No farewell words were spoken

no time to say goodbye,

you were gone before we knew it

and only God knows why.

Our hearts still ache in sadness

and secret tears still flow,

what it meant to lose you

no one will ever know.

But now we know you want us

to mourn for you no more,

to remember all the happy times

life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten

we pledge to you today,

a cherished place within our hearts

is where you'll always stay.



I'm Free


Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free.

I'm following the path God has laid you see.

I took His hand when I heard Him call,

I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day.

To laugh, to love, to work or play.

Task left undone must stay that way.

I found that peace at the close of the day.

If my parting has left a void, then fill

it with remembered joys.

A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss.

Oh yes, these things I too miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow.

I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.





A Million Times


A million times we've needed you,

A million times we've cried.

If love alone could have saved you,

You never would have died.

If all the world was ours to give,

We would give it, yes, and more,

To see you coming up the steps,

And walking through the door.

To hear your voice and see your smile,

To sit and talk a while,

To be with you that same old way,

Would be our fondest day.

A heart of gold stopped beating,

Two smiling eyes closed to rest,

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

He only takes the best.



A Fireman's Prayer


When I am called to duty, God,

Whenever flames may rage;

Give me strength to save some life,

Whatever be it's age.

Help me embrace a little child

Before it is too late

Or save an older person

From the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert

And hear the weakest shout,

And quickly and efficiently

To put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling

And to give the best in me

To guard my every neighbor

And to protect his property.

And if, according to my fate.

I am to lose my life,

Please bless with your protecting

My children and my wife.

-Author Unknown



I am home in Heaven, dear ones;

oh, so happy and so bright!

There is perfect joy and beauty

in this everlasting light.

All the pain and grief is over,

every restless tossing passed;

I am now at peace forever,

safely home in Heaven at last.

Did you wonder why I so calmly

trod the valley of the shade?

Oh! But Jesus' love illuminated

every dark and fearful glade.

And he came Himself to meet me

in that way so hard to tread;

and with Jesus' arm to lean on,

could I have one doubt or dread?

Then you must not grieve so sorely,

for I love you dearly still;

to try to look beyond earth's shadows,

pray to trust our Father's will.

There is work still waiting for you,

so you must not idly stand;

do it now, while life remaineth,

you shall rest in Jesus' land.

When that work is all completed,

He will gently call you home;

oh, the rapture of the meeting,

oh, the joy to see you come.

A gentle wind blew cross the land,

Reaching out to take a hand;

For on the winds the angels came,

Calling out a child's name.

Left behind, the mother's tears,

Loving memories of the years;

Of joy and love, a life well spent,

And now to God a child's sent.

On angel's wings, a heavenly flight,

The journey home, towards the light;

To those who weep, a life is gone,

But in God's love, 'tis but the dawn.



When you were born, an angel smiled.

As you became a child, an angel sat on your shoulder.

When you became an adult, an angel held your hand.

As you grew old, an angel walked down the road with you.

And, when you died, another angel got their wings.




When to the sessions of sweet silence thought,

I summon up remembrance of things past,

I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,

And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste.

Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,

For precious friends hid in death's dateless night,

And weep afresh love's long since cancelled woe,

And moan the expense of many a vanished sight.

Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,

And heavily from woe to woe tell o'er,

The sad account of fore-bemoaned moan,

Which I new pay as if not paid before.

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,

All losses are restored and sorrows end.

-William Shakespeare, Sonnet 30



In the silence Mom & Dad you hear me,

In the silence I am here.

In the silence you can feel me,

In the silence it is clear.

That my spirit hasn't left you,

I am just a thought away.

You can see me in the shadows,

Anytime you look my way.

Look for me in the sunshine,

And in the stars at night,

In the wind, trees, and flowers,

Everything that is in sight.

Talk to me, say my name,

Know that I am still here.

In my death I have a new life,

And one day it will be clear.

So talk to me and look for me,

In everything you do,

For I really haven't gone so far away,

I am really right next to you.

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