Shipping & Returns

Our Sincerity

Importing from Chinese wholesaler would save you more than thousands of dollars but it would occur additional costs because of Custom clearance. Therefore, our company would like to reimburse your expenses in 3 ways:


1. We offer free shipping to your port if your order is more than $800

2. We offer $100 discount if your order is more than $1,000

3. You can choose any Porcelain Portraits that worth under $200 as free gifts


Shipping and Delivery

Generally speaking, all our granite headstones would be made ready in 1 week, and the bronze grave markers in 15 days.


All our granite headstones will be shipped by sea freight from China, and it usually takes 4-6 weeks to ship to your port.


We will ship by express shipping if you order the bronze plaques only. And it would takes less time and ship to your door directly.


Customs Clearance

Buying headstones from can be an affordable way to custom the best quality tombstones for graves. It will save you more than thousands of dollars if you buy large size tombstones or more than 1 set. Besides, we offer Life Time Warranty on all our granite headstones and bronze headstones.


For many new buyers, importing sounds like a nightmare to go through. But in fact, it’s not that complicated at all. There are 2 ways to make things easy:


Hire a customs broker. Locating and hiring a licensed customs broker can make your importation process much easier. This professional facilitates communication between you and the government, fills out and files necessary paperwork, and can help you navigate import regulations. They can also help estimate import costs and how long the import process will take. And you can visit to obtain a licensed US Customs Broker.


Purchase DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) directly from us. DDP is an incoterm that, on top of shipping and port fees, includes custom duties. The customs duty is included in the price you pay us. That’s to say, we can ship the goods to your required address directly if you choose DDP as the payment term.


However, additional taxes such as VAT and GST, is in general not included due to cross-border taxation issues. Instead, these taxes are paid upon arrival in the Port of Destination.



All our products are custom made and engraved to customer specification. We always get a layout approved by the customer. We do not accept return on custom made products, for any reasons other than damaged shipments or mismatch between the approved picture and the finished product. All shipping related damage should be notified to us within 24 hours of accepting the delivery. We will arrange to provide a replacement immediately.